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Bondage Whore Tied to the Bed for Hours of Pounding

Bondage Whore Gets Pushed to Her Limits

I’m a bondage whore who likes to be tied down to the bed and forced to suffer. That’s because I want you to own me. I live to serve my master and his cock, but I still love when I don’t have any choice. And you do too. You force me to take your cock until I can’t anymore. You leave me tied up to your bed for hours and fuck my slut holes until you get bored. My pussy is red, throbbing, and swollen. And it’s so fucking sensitive. Just blowing on my clit can make me scream and plead for mercy. And that’s when the real submissive sex starts.

That’s when I have tears running down my cheeks and I have to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming. As much as I want to say no more, I can’t. I know my place as your sex slave. My swollen cunt belongs to you and not me. You slide your fingers inside of my pussy, just to watch me fight the need to scream. Your fingers curl inside of my cunt and hit my g-spot and another round of shock waves electrocute me.

bondage whore

Naomi Learns Bondage and Submission the Hard Way

Then I see that look in your eyes and start to panic. Your cock is rock hard. I beg to suck and swallow you instead, but Masters don’t listen to slut slaves. You push your cock inside of my swollen cunt and I let out a scream. The walls of my pussy are so swollen and fucking sensitive. I cum for your cock on command all the time, but this is almost instantaneous. As soon as I feel my owner filling me the cock hungry whore inside me takes over.

“I’m a filthy slut. Please my master use my body as your play toy. I belong to you.” I can barely get the words out. “Please mark me as your bitch with a load of cum. Please Master!” When I feel that cum flooding into my womb again I scream as I cum all over your cock all over again.