Take It All Away

submissive whore leahYou can take my pretty clothes away, you can throw away my make-up.
You can toss my jewelry and shoes in the trash.
Other guys still look at me because I’m a pretty girl, and you don’t like that.
You can cut off all of my long, blond hair.
You can rip off my painted fingernails.
You can punch my luscious lips till they split open and my teeth fall out.
You can scar my smooth skin; brand it, slice it, burn it.
You can smash my flawless feet, toes to heels.
You can destroy my body until I am nothing more than three wet holes for you to use, to fuck, to violate.
You can do all of this, and I’ll love you for it.
You can do all of this, just because you can.

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