That Spawn is Mine!

Submissive WhoreMy master has found a new way to torture me!

He knows how much I want to please him and some how, my need for his approval has turned into the deepest need for him that I have ever experienced!

He has started shackling me to the bed, making me watch as he fucks other sluts!

I can’t help but cry, mascara running down my face as my cunt drips for him, my master. Watching him get serviced by another while I ache for him is the cruelest torture!

I see her head fall back in ecstasy as he explode deep in her wet cunt!

Then he leads me to her and says that if I want it that bad, I will have to eat it out of her as he grabs me by the hair and forces my face in her snatch!

I can smell his cum in her raunchy fuck hole and all I can think about is sperm swimming around, searching for her whorish eggs to latch on to!

That whore filled with my masters seed is more than I can stand!

My mind races at the thought of his potential spawn growing inside that whores spoiled cunt!

Suddenly, uncontrollably, I reach deep inside the whore! I am elbow deep clawing out her insides, pulling her cunt inside out and shoving it deep inside in my own womb!

That spawn is mine!



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