Sucking Off The President

Submissive Whore Tracy

For a little while, I had an internship in the White House. But I got myself into some trouble when I decided I wanted to be the next Monica Lewinsky and suck off the President. I started seducing him from day one, wearing tight and revealing outfits when I had to deliver paperwork to him. I would always make sure to drop my pen or my clipboard, and bend over in front of his desk.

Well one day, Mr. President asked me to tie his shoe for him, so of course I knelt down behind his desk next to his chair. What I found was that presidential cock ready for me to suck off. I won’t comment on the size, but to be able to suck off a world leader was absolutely delicious. I put Lewinsky and Clinton to shame with how devotedly I throat fucked that dick. I got a promotion, and hired on at the White House full time. For three years I was deep throating that POTUS dick, making sure I drained those balls.

I won’t comment on which president was, but I will say that I’ve tasted worse. Unfortunately I got let go when the vice president walked in on us, and he wasn’t as thrilled with a repeat scandal. I can still however say that I royally and loyally drained the balls of the leader of this country for several years, and that’s not something every fucking slut can boast of.

Submissive Slut

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