Know My Worth


slave trainingI am his slave and he is my master. I must learn to obey. My place is beneath him; I am always to be on the floor. I am lower than the dog. He is far more superior than me. My panties must be kept on at all times. I am to be under the table when he has friends over and I will be pleasing them too. I will suck their cocks and make them cum. If one goes to the bathroom, I am to follow and clean his cock off with my mouth. If he wants me on the floor in the bathroom giving him a nasty sloppy head then I am to do it, as master says. If Master furry friend wants to hump me then I am to let him. I am to never let that furry mutt stick his rocket inside of me. But if he doesn’t stop trying to fuck my bald pussy, then I must suck him off. I will have to suck that beast still he cums in my mouth and can’t cum anymore. I shall know my worth. 



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