Being Replaced

submissive whoreI was told to pack my things. I started to cry and Master gave me a good whipping giving me something to cry about. I out lived my usefulness and he couldn’t teach me anything else about being a submissive. He traded me to another Master whose submissive is very stubborn. My new Master doesn’t seem to have the balls to train his bitch. Those are Master’s words not mine. I know better then to say such a thing. Any way I go to him and his submissive is coming here. I have no doubt that she is going to have a hard way to go, especially if she is disobedient. Punishment here is no joke and it is in one’s best interest to stay humble, never make eye contact and do exactly as you are told with out the slightest deviation. Out of the corner of my eye I can see chains and locks and whips being brought in. It’s almost time.spanking phone sex

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