The Pain Makes Me Wet

Submissive Whore

You walk into the room and examine my naked body. I am on all fours, just how You instructed me, blindfold securely covering my eyes. My hair is pulled into a ponytail, as specified. “Good girl,” You say, grazing the crop along my back and over the lips of my anxiously awaiting slit. Then You stop once You notice my collar missing.
“Oops” I tease, demurely. The crop whistles through the air, making my jaw clench and toes curl. The stinging on my round ass makes my pussy start to drip. “I’m sorry, Sir.” The cracking of the crop against my skin creates a red hot welt. I feel a firm grasp at the base of my pony tail. You pull me over Your lap so my ass is readily accessible. From The Box, You pull out a studded paddle. The pain of the wood and metal makes me whimper. You paddle me until my ass cheeks are so raw and sore, it feels like it’s on fire! I hear You rummage through The Box again. A searing pain tears through my ass hole and I know this must be the big purple dildo I have seen in there before. Nothing that big had ever entered my tight, rose bud before so I screamed in pain. After the punishment was over, You tug my head back by my hair and ask, “Are you ready to be a good girl? Or should I keep going.” I giggle because I know I’m ready for more.

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