The Slave Training Of Mommy

slave training

I began slave training in a new masters dungeon. There were so many other slaves bound and on knees with dildos and collars on. I could hear screams of pain. I was put on a wall impaled on a golden dick. Whips were lashed at my thighs and pussy and I was forced to do some freaky cum goggling from the local farm. My only escape was a big-dicked fire captain that told me if my daughters would be his slaves that he would turn me loose from this slave dungeon from hell. I offered him booth girls in exchange for my freedom. Little did I know that my ass would be prolapsed and my tits milked dry for him every evening after my sexy firefighter was done putting out fires. I don’t mind though I will be his slave until the end of time with a dick like his that fucks me raw. He put fake tits on my daughters and turned us all into his coke whores to serve his big daddy fireman cock!


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  1. Darren

    Fuck Yes Mommy Slave whore!

  2. Michael

    Our call last night was super hot!

  3. Frank

    Scream for me baby

  4. Morris

    Your such a good little slave slut this makes me so excited for next time when we talk.

  5. rick

    Will you slave train me, mommy?

  6. Alex

    I love the idea of a mommy slave whore.

  7. Brett

    Sexy voice and great imagination.

  8. Moby

    I loved our session and how much of subby whore you are

  9. Master

    what a nasty whore u are

  10. William

    I would love to play with you…

  11. Danny

    I would love a nice slave now

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