The Tutor’s Discipline

Bare Bottom Spanking

I hadn’t been focusing in school as much as I should, so my dad hired a tutor to make sure I really was disciplined in my studies. The tutor’s office was private- just a room with his desk and table for him and students to work together. Despite his best efforts, I still wasn’t understanding the lesson. Frustrated, he grabbed me and bent me over the desk. He told me he would have to teach me a different lesson today. He bound my hands behind my back with his belt and pulled up my skirt. My skin stung with each smack of his hand. I cried out and apologized for being a bad girl, but he only spanked me harder. Then he pushed me to the floor and grabbed me by the hair to pull me up to my knees. He took out his big cock and squeezed my jaw until it opened. Gagging me with his thick rod, he pushed his dick all the way down my throat so I couldn’t breathe. He pulled back so I could get some air but kept throat fucking me as I gasped in between thrusts. Just as he was cumming, he exited my mouth to shoot all of his hot cum down my face, which dripped down to my bare titties. I have learned my lesson for sure, this time!

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