This is just the opening act baby, a taste really!

Bondage whoreI love roleplay! Tonight’s scene? I am a innocent girl who was sleeping on her couch naked with only white thigh-high stockings on and you come in and hog-tie me and gage with a white bandana that matches my stockings.  You use the heave ropes, the ones that always give my rope burn. Before you tie me up you drag me to the couch “Ummm I want to taste the meal I will feast on later!” You taunt as you force my legs open and suck on my tight little pussy! You force your whole fist up my pussy and fist me hard and fast and I yelp and fight. My screams are muffled by the gag, and I am too weak to fight you! You are a big strong man who is twice my size! No match for little ol’ me! You flip me over and force your cock deep in my asshole, ripping me open when you do. I cry out in pain but know this will only get worse if I fight too much. I have learned that the hard way! I try not to fight as you force fuck my asshole hard and fast, stretching me out more and more your rip your cock out of my now gapping hole and spit in it before forcing your huge throbbing cock back in balls deep. “This is just the opening act baby, a taste really, imagine all the fun we are going to have when we get to the main attraction!” You laugh in my ear as you cum deep in my ass. “Good girl! That ass is primed up now! Don’t fight when I go to tie you up! That will just cause me to have to fuck you harder, and trust me, with the plans I have for you…. you don’t want that!

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