Tied and Waiting Part Two

submissive whore

My Master likes to have me waiting for him and ready to play. So, this time he ordered me to be tied bent over a fuck table, wearing his favorite high heels and nothing else. One of his other slaves tied me, then toyed with me awhile using several toys and edging me not allowing me to cum. By the time Master arrived, my pussy was throbbing and dripping wet. I was, as usual, ready to do whatever he said. This time he was into more pain and teasing than before. He took a wooden spoon to my ass, thighs then on my back. Master then put ice cubes against my nipples, then twisted and pulled them. He then made me beg for him to fuck me. I pleaded for his cock, and he gave me just a little at a time. When he finally decided to fuck me hard, he choked and slapped me during, making me cum all over his cock.

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