Slave Training FINALLY Begins!!

Slave trainingFinally, I have found a lover willing to teach me to be a good slave. He wanted my submission, but when I told him how interested I was in learning to be a slave, it was game over. He taught me the proper position to greet my master in, whatever hour of the day, and wherever we are. He told me that my dirty mind would have to be reserved for him and only him whenever he requested it. I was given a whole list of things that are and aren’t acceptable, and I really hope that I don’t screw up too badly, because apparently punishments can be much harsher than are doled out to a submissive slut. By the time we finished our amazing session, I was a little more informed on what it means to be a slave, and he was a very happy lover. I surely hope that he comes round again, and maybe I can find another mentor or 2 who would be willing to help expand my horizons.

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