Tied Up and Ready to Cum

Bondage whore

My Master has me on the edge right now. I feel like I’m about to cum.

I have my hands tied behind my back and a ball gag in my mouth. Master pulled down my tank top to reveal my big tits. Now, he is using the pinwheel to rub all over my body, especially my sensitive tits and nipples. At first, the toy tickles my body. Then, as he starts to apply more pressure, the sensations turn me on. I love it when he circles my nipples with the pinwheel, making my clit hard under my panties. I start to grind my pussy on the ground when he gets the idea to slip off my panties and use the pinwheel on my pussy. Everything he does turns me on, from the way he slides the pinwheel on my hard clit to how he glides it down my cunt. He moves up towards my thighs, applying more pressure so that it hurts my skin,  leaving a mark. The pleasure and the pain is too much for me to handle. I’m going to cum! 


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