Ties And Gagged for Master’s pleasure!

Bondage chat

Ursa Is Tied And Gagged 

You are sitting at your desk trying to keep yourself focused, but every second that goes by you struggle. You know you can not call me and play because they may catch you there at work. You can not stop though. You need to hit me up for a Bondage chat. 

You instruct me to grab my silk red rope, and matching ball gag as soon as the chat starts. This makes my fuckhole drip. Then, you have me run that rope up and down my body. Feeling the fibers rough against my skin. Next, you instruct me to bind my ankles with that rope. 

As badly as you want me all tied up and ready for you, you know you need me to continue to type. Instead you want that ball gag in my pretty little subby mouth. Now that I am all bound and gagged, your cock is rock hard. Your hand slides under the desk as you stroke that cock through your pants. 

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