Slave Master Spanks Daughter of Sex Slave

Spanking chatMy daughter and I have been sold as sex slaves, and are ready to service you in any way you ask us to. You have complete control over our bodies and our actions. So, first, you ask me to molest my daughter, rubbing her beautiful, tiny tits and licking her beautiful nipples. After that, you order me to lick her sweet young pussy. I’m a massive whore, and my holes have been fucked endlessly, but her virgin cunt didn’t taste of cock at all. I loved tongue fucking her, and didn’t stop even though she begged me to. You are our Master, and we must follow your commands. Once I was finished getting a taste, your cock was hard enough to slide right in her wet pussy. I played with my pussy as you fucked her from the back, spanking her ass as you pounded her. When you came inside of her, it was time for you to make me your permanent slut as well.

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