Total submission

cock worshiping


I have gotten very used to being tied up to the point that when I’m not, I feel like I am doing something wrong. I love that my purpose is to make my boss feel like a king. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love to adore making my boss feel like he owns me. I have done it all, but one of my favorite things thus far is a punishment I received recently. I didn’t worship my master’s cock right. My boss loves some good cock worshiping, and if he doesn’t feel like a good job was delivered, he will voice his opinion and make sure a slave pays. He tied me up from top to bottom and made sure I remembered how horrible it felt. I was so constricted and gasping for air. I was left on the floor like a pathetic slut. I loved feeling that way. I liked that I was his stupid slut and I didn’t mind everyone knowing it. I allowed him to upload a picture on to social media for a good hour. It was embarrassing but a turn on to let him do what he wanted. I love being a total submissive cunt.

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