Ursa Gets Soaked

Golden showers phone sex

Ursa Gets All Wet

I need you to put this very bratty sub in her place. I know that I tend to act out in order to get exactly what it is that I want. Today what I want is Golden showers phone sex. There is nothing that I will not do in order to get it. 

The best thing about being a bratty sub is that I am bold enough to get what I want and submissive enough that you can bend and mold me into whatever it is that you want. Knowing I am being a bad girl while in a slave position and I am looking you right in your eyes. This makes you angry and I know it. You tell me to look down and I roll my eyes and say ok. 

You know you have to put me in my place, so you pull out your cock and piss all over my pretty face. 

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