Use me

Submissive whore

My Domme loves to see me degraded and used. Reducing me to an object that’s only purpose is his fetish. The total control and humiliation really gets him off. And you know what? I fucking love it. I love being his slut and his toy, to be fucked and used and then discarded like trash when he’s bored with me. He had a party last night and all of the guests had free range to use me as they desired. A woman used her lipstick to write obscene words on my bare breasts as I lay on the floor bound in rope. Then she sat on my face and made me lick her pussy and make her cum. The men got very turned on watching the lesbian submission and began to stroke themselves as they watched. When she came on my face she squirted on me and I couldn’t even wipe the cum off my face. One by one the men jerked themselves off on me, covering my face and body with their cum. This is what I am, a whore.

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