I Don’t want to get Deported

Gangbang phone sex


My horny disrespectful boss wants me to think I’m a stupid motherfucker he’s always trying to break me down. It’s working I’m broken, and I don’t know what to do at this point but be his submissive slave whore. My boss Elliot tells me to show up at work late tonight he has been telling me that he wants my ungrateful ass to do extra work. My boss Elliott says I have to make up for all of the fucking ridiculous things that I’ve done at work or else I’m going to lose my job and I need my job, so I have no choice but to go into work. Elliott told me that I was in so much trouble if I didn’t do what he demanded of me I was told that I would get deported and that I would be subject to the gangs in Mexico. I’ll be getting my cunt fucked every single day at least 30 times. I won’t be getting paid by the fuckers that take my body unused me instead I’ll just be getting tossed around. I don’t want to deal with this fucker like this, so I guess I am going to have to follow what I am told to do. Nasty fucking bitches like me we get what we deserve that is what the gang leaders in Mexico say to me before I ran away. Now imma just a fucking cum-filled cunt Tramp. My boss is a scary motherfucker, but he’s not as frightening as the gangs in Mexico, so I’m ready to be his fucking slut I’m prepared to be his slave. I will suck his cock all the way to the boss and slobber over it any day before I get deported. I will even lick my balls asshole so that I won’t be in trouble are in Jeopardy of being sent back to Mexico which is my worst fear.

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