BDSM phone sexMaster was minutes away from being home and I had to get the laundry done. If I do not have the daily bitch chores done before Master gets home I will receive a severe whipping for my disobedience. I will admit to you that I crave a whipping and misbehave just to receive one. I think Master knows this but he is still happy to give me my whipping. I could hear Masters pull in the garage and his car shut off. I was still not done and kept on what I was doing. He walked in the house and caught me in the living room still ironing his shirts. I could see the anger in his eyes and I came out with my excuse of sorry Master I lost track of time. He grabbed me by the hair and put me over his knee taking his belt and whipping me with it into I could feel the welts. My cunt was leaking all over his legs and I know he could feel it.

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