Waiting On Master…

Submissive Slut

Sometimes the best way to be submissive to my master is to follow his instructions to wait. Today my master called me and told me to go to a very specific location, I dressed slutty as usual and headed over to the hotel. I sat in the chair closest to the door and waited on further instructions. I waited hours, not another message, not a call or even a hint came for me, as I sat there in complete anticipation. I waited and waited with my cunt growing more and more wet, every time I heard someone walking past the door my heart skipped a beat. My mind became a torture chamber of fantasies, thinking of what master had planned for me, imagining how he would use me. I sat there for hours and hours hoping to serve him but his word never came… eventually I fell asleep and when I awoke, I had a message that simply said, “go home”… and so I did.

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