When I Need It, I Need It

Cum slut phone sex

Yes, I’m a cock craving cum slut and I have no problem admitting it.  I just can’t get enough of that milky sweet man nectar!  The way it coats my throat as it oozes its way down my esophagus is only comparable to how it fills my holes and covers my dirty sugar walls with cream.  Here lately, it’s been kind of hard to find a willing wang to pump me full of the hot cock juice I need to feel like a real woman, so this bright eyed bimbo decided to find some new hunting grounds…  Thank you, sexaholics anonymous!

Searching for a primed prick here is like shooting monkeys in a barrel, or whatever.  The group meets a few times a week but I make sure that we all get together every night so I can give the guys the support that they need to get every drop of jizz out of their hyperactive junk.  I’m pretty sure the only way for them to get over their crippling addiction is for me to completely drain their balls of that salacious liquid.  And there are only, like, two other girls here and they’re fucking hags so making sure that I get the entire group’s goop is never a problem.

I’m pretty sure that sniffing out all of this slut obsessed cock snot was the smartest thing I ever did.  There’s enough cum here to keep me completely filled forever!  I’m glad they’re the ones with the problem and not me.


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