Weekend Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are so erotic when a true submissive woman is under your hands. My ass bouncing with the added padding of delivering three beautiful offspring and the softness of age gives you a nice show. It could be as simple as the brats are in bed and you are pushing up behind me as I step from the shower. You dangle my rope gear and bite my neck. I’m down on the bathroom floor crawling after you into the bedroom. I know what you require. I put my arms behind my back and bask in the sight of your shadow as you make quick work of your BDSM wife. A smack reverberates through the wood floors. My ass becomes awake and the messages in my brain say this is good. My pussy is soaked in one bare handed paddle. All the stress of the day… the week seeps out of me as I become fully yours by the 3rd hit on my round cheeks. Now pulled up onto the bed you lay on top of me and slide your hands around my throat.

Slut, bitch, whore…your words are music to my slave wife ears. 
On my belly I feel your fingers tighten and my ass slit widen. I feel my master’s cock dripping with pre-cum and know where he is headed. A gasp is short lived when penetration occurs finally. The precipice of anal fucking your wife has me almost cum instantly with your cock in my ass. 

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