Weekend Fun With A Good Customer!

Submissive sexMaster set me up with his friend who needed a sexy little maid so he could have his house all clean and his balls drained. His wife was out of town all weekend so he bought me for the whole weekend; he needed a side piece to make sure his cock always felt good. Master told me to make sure I do a good a job because he is a very good customer and a good friend of his. I always make sure I do what I am told to keep master and all the customers happy.

The customer’s name is Andrew and he always loves his whores to bounce on his cock so he can see some big tits in his face. So I hopped on top and rode him like a horse; he loved my big tits bouncing. He laid back and told me to keep bouncing until he was ready to cum deep inside my hot fuck hole. He filled me up a couple times and than told me to go make him dinner and clean his kitchen.

H requested that I do it all naked and that if he was horny he would just come in and slip his cock in any hole he wanted. I smiled and said that was totally fine. As I cleaned the kitchen and cooked he came in and used each hole a few times until he was satisfied. I knew this was going to be a long weekend; he wanted to get his money’s worth. He was a very happy man at the end of our weekend; and his balls were deff empty!

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