What a Shock

submissive phone sex

I dont know what’s gotten into me but as of late i just cannot seem to stop playing with myself wether i have master’s permission or not. I just have this intense craving and master has caught me a few times touching myself without his consent and he’s punished me but nothing seems to work so he decided to try something new. He installed one of those special mirrors where it looks like an ordinary mirror but if you’re on the other side of it you can see through it like a window . He put in my bedroom and hooked up some sort of shock kit, and at the time i didnt know what it was but he told me everytime i was naughty he would know. Well i went to touch myself tonight and all of the sudden i felt a quick intense jolt, it threw me off for a moment but than i kept going. Again i felt a quick more intense jolt. It happened quite a few times but instead of turning me off it actually turned me on, as the night went on the jolts got more intense and painful, but the more intense and painful they were the more it made me wet. When i finally orgasmed master said he has another plan to try and stop my naughty behavior and he sounded very confident. I’m a little scared but also very excited to see what it is!

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