Wicked little thing

bondage whoreYou wanted a bondage whore like me, and you got your wish. You thought I was going to be scared and not bring you, my cute sisters. Don’t you know you rule me and can do anything to me by now? You are my king, and I will do as you please. My stepsister Sabrina was cute and perky and had the body of a barely legal cum slut. You wanted me to torture her and use her. I will do whatever comes thru that wicked brain of yours. I branded the slut and made sure she would always have your initials permanently. It took a nice iron steel plate to her butt cheek. I loved hearing her scream. I tired her up and spread her so wide. I wasn’t going to let her off the hook. You were going to pound her nonstop. Your wishes will always be fulfilled with me.

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