The Submissive In Me

Submissive phone sex

I want to be your Submissive slave, Submissive slut, your Bondage whore. My point is, I want to submit to you in every way possible. Take me and make me the obedient woman you always wanted. I want to serve you and submit to your authority. Use me as your personal fuck whore. See how far you can push me until I break. Use me as your personal sex toy while making me wear a collar. If I am not pleasuring you good enough, take the leash you have attached to the collar and choke me. A fucking whore like myself may not deserve a cock as big and good looking as yours. I know I will have to beg you and show you how much I desire your sexy sex pistol blasting down my throat filling me up until I am blue in the face with tears streaming down. I am all yours, I cannot say no. Being the submissive fuck whore that I am, all I am good at is obeying every word and order that comes out of your mouth.

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