Will You Be My Daddy?

submissive whore (5)

I have a confession… I really miss my Daddy. And I was actually wondering if you would mind being my Daddy? I would just love to be Daddy’s subby slut! Since my Daddy abandoned me and all you know, I have some Daddy issues. I am sure though, you will be the perfect Daddy for me! I want Daddy to have a nice big cock to teach me lessons with and I want to learn how to do everything just right from Daddy, because I hear that Daddy’s really do know best. That really does make a lot of sense. I would do anything to please my new Daddy, you know. After not having a Daddy for so long, I am feeling extra submissive for my Daddy. And I would totally be okay with and understand if you ever needed to spank me or punish me in anyway Daddy, that is the only way to teach me and get me to be the perfect daughter. It’s not fair that you had to sit on the side and watch me grow up, getting this perfect little boobies and messing around with these silly boys with no experience when Daddy is right here to show me exactly how a real man does it, right? I would just love for you to be my Daddy, I would be your perfect little angel…and do anything to please you!

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