The Strangest Punishment

erotic submissive stories leah

By far, the strangest punishment I’ve ever had didn’t involve pain, just discomfort and sensory deprivation. Master began my initiation as his personal plaything by robbing me of my individuality, my sense of self, hell… All of my senses put together except for sight, sound, and smell.

Master zipped me into a skin tight black latex body suit, tied my hands behind my back, strapped a ball gag into my mouth, and left me on the floor.

For five days I lay in a puddle of my own piss, desperately clenching to hold my shot inside of my ass. No food or water, no relief, and what was even worse was the lack of communication or even acknowledgement from Master.

Even at my most disobedient, where I lie on the floor shrieking though my ball gag, writhing in my piss puddle trying to get Master’s attention, He just stepped over me and went about his business.

By day two I wanted to end our arrangement, by day three I just wanted to leave, but by day five I was in the most sensitive state that my body had ever been in in my entire life. I was drawn taut like a violin string with my quim trembling in anticipation.

Master didn’t say a word to me as he untied me, unzipped the suit, and physically dragged me into the bathroom and threw me onto the toilet as a rush of shit left my body. Still treating me as subhuman, Master tossed me into the shower and turned the cold water on high as he hosed me off, cleaning me fully with powdered detergent sprinkled on my body.

I’m dragged to the cleaning cupboard and am made to clean the messes I had left from my five day stay here. One thing is for certain now; I am deeply in love with my Master now, I exist only for his pleasures and his desires.

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