Women are worthless

submissive slut

I enjoy being a submissive slut; I want to be the girl that gets all the beatings and gets fucked hard. Women don’t even deserve to vote. Women are supposed to be submissive. I strongly urge you to realize if you are a woman and you’re not submissive, you will ultimately live life authentically. Do you want to be unauthentic time for you to become a slave? A woman like me and a woman like you all kinds of women, women, women, women this 21st-century bullshit make everyone think that women should have rights. No sweetheart, we are supposed to be submissive bitches on her knees praying and kneeling. Two are gods, the ones with Cocks. We are their toys. We give them every part of our bodies everything they want they got from us. I crave the world wakes up, and I want everyone to know that Monroe women are slaves


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