Worshiping My Dominator

My new sir hinted to me a while back that he really liked my pantyhose. I was wearing them one night. He looked at me and said he would love to use my pantyhose as my restraints one day. I could see the excitement rise in his eyes and in his pants. My new sir has been the best master I could have ever asked for. I have learned more from him in this past month than I ever learned from any other master. I knew sir didn’t have any training planned for the next couple of days. He has been to busy with work. This was the perfect time for me to show him how much I enjoy being his submissive fuck whore. This was a tricky plan and it could go good or bad. I knew I was not supposed to do things without sirs permission but I wanted to worship my master. I kept everything simple. I lit 6 long candles for a little kinky play and the only other things I needed were my pantyhose, three pairs to be exact. When my sir got home later that night he opened the door to me on my knees. I had the candles lit behind me. I was wearing one pair of my pantyhose while holding the other two pairs in each hand. Sir looked surprised and turned on when he saw me. I looked deep into his eyes and said “Forgive me sir for doing this without your permission, please let me worship you and show you my appreciation. ” sir gave me a small grin and said, “Now that’s a good little submissive whore.” from that point on sir made sure he was in charge. He used all three pairs of my pantyhose on my submissive body, restraining me in ways I have never been restrained before. At the very end sir had one pair of my pantyhose tied around my wrist, the other pair he tied around my ankles and the last pair was tied around my neck. The pair tied around my neck was made to be used as a leash. Sir grabbed on tight, pounding his dominating dick deep into my throat. Each time he would stop for a minute I would beg for more. When I knew he was about to shoot his man creme everywhere, I begged him to cum on my face and in my mouth. He grabbed the pantyhose and pulled it back making my head staring at the ceiling. That’s when his dominating dick erupted like a volcano, and his sweet lava erupted on my face. I begged sir to let me clean every last drop up with my tongue. My sir let me clean every last bit of his cream. Things got so hot with the pantyhose. Sir didn’t even think about using the candles. I love being a submissive fuck whore to my Sir, with all his submissive training’s things will only get better.

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