Worthless, Bad Mommy


I was rubbing my pussy furiously as tears poured down my face. My cunt was sloppy, and it was slurping along all nasty and wet as I played in it. He was in front of me, holding my daughter. “Say it.” He ordered. There was no way to say no. “Please show my daughter your rape fantasies. Please abuse her and force your cock into her.” I sobbed as my cunt got wetter and wetter. “Mommy please no!” My girl screamed. But, I’m a worthless, bad Mommy, and this was the shit that turned me on. He and I both knew I was going to cum while I watched him breed my little girl, and we both knew it wasn’t going to be the last time he called me for something like this.

When he’s done using my girl, he’ll stuff his cock down my throat until I’m gagging and choking. Like I can’t breathe! That’s just to make sure his fuck meat is all lubed up so he can really pound my worthless Mommy pussy. What sort of Mommy loves seeing rape fantasies and forced breeding on their brats? The masochistic whore with a deep non consensual kink. And that’s me, baby. Tracy.

Bondage Phone Sex

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