You Own Me

submissive slutI woke up and you were gone. Left on your pillow was a gift bag. Excitedly I opened it. It was a flash drive. Curious I opened my laptop and pulled up the files. It was me. Me disobeying you. Me masturbating in the shower, thinking you wouldn’t know. But you did. A camera must have been installed. Not once but three separate times. I started to panic. I know how that disappoints you. How mad you get when I try to pleasure myself without permission. Embarrassed and ashamed I put on my robe and went to the bathroom.

There on the counter was another gift bag. I opened it and it was a ball gag and a huge suction dildo. The only instructions given were to attach the ball gag, put the suction against the shower wall and fuck it continuously. I pulled the dildo out and immediately knew the smell. Ben Gay. You had covered the entire dildo in Ben Gay. Knowing you were watching I didn’t dare disappoint. I attached the ball gag and the dildo to the shower as instructed. I then fucked the dildo over and over like you commanded. The Ben Gay burned, and my pussy was on fire, but I didn’t stop. I will never stop until you allow me.


    • Master on December 3, 2021 at 12:36 pm
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    Your the best slut

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