Slave Training My Daughter

slave training

I have been getting some help, finally, with slave training my daughter. My master wants nothing to do with jailbait pussy, but she is so spoiled, so bratty, I had to take out an ad for someone to break my daughter. The response was incredible. I settled on a man from NY with years of experience training young things. My daughter looks down on me for my lifestyle. She doesn’t think girls should be submissive. She is a cock teaser, but we are working on her becoming nothing but a cock pleaser. Her Master has been teaching her to take his cock. She resisted at first, which was to be expected. She is a stubborn little bitch. Pain is a strong motivator, however. She is not permitted to wear clothes. She must take cock whenever told to, even stranger cock. Anytime she is not enthusiastic about cock, she gets whacked hard. She is coming around. Her master hopes to knock her up soon too. He wants her to breed him a brat. If it is a girl, she will be a submissive whore like me. If it is a boy, he will be raised to dominate his mommy and grandmother. I’m enjoying seeing my bratty girl get force fucked and humiliated daily. She be a good slut before long.


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  1. DAVE

    Hi Bernice,

    It was a lot of fun working on your daughter. She is learning. Before we are done with her she will forget the word no when we tell her to serve men or women sexually. I think she will perform well when we find the proper strip club for her to work at.

  2. DAVE

    Hi Bernice,

    We will not allow your daughter to spend any money she earns. We will supervise her strictly when she has to go to the bathroom. We should make her wear High heels that will make her walk in a slow, dainty way. You will train her in house work so you will not have to do so much.

  3. DAVE

    Hi Bernice,

    Your little girl’s life has changed a great deal. From being a damn cock teaser we have changed her into a cock pleaser. She is a cum covered mess after we made her fuck a batch of guys she used to tease. They certainly enjoyed themselves.

    I enjoyed our chat of her becoming a mother.

  4. DAVE

    Hi Bernice,

    Your daughter’s life will really change when we require her to have little ones. She will take advantage of laws that allow girls to breast feed wherever they are. If the baby is female she will play an active part in raising her as a submissive. If male she will raise him to be a dominate.

  5. DAVE

    Will your daughter be good at raising your grandaughter as a submissive? Will she spank her a lot? Will she think up many humiliations for her? Will your daughter teach your granddaughter to be a good housekeeper and everything she must know to be a good submissive?

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