Slave training with Master

Slave trainingAnother long stressful day for Master means a long night of slave training and being his dirty little submissive skank. On my hands and knees down at his feet is exactly where I belong. Master is dominant over me and puts me in my place. He never fails to remind me what my one true purpose is in this life and that is to be a complete and utter slave for anyone and everyone. Even if he decides to sell me one day to another Master, I will still be a worthless piece of shit. I love being able to help Master decompress and get him out of his hot sweaty clothing. I spread his ass cheeks and can see that he still has some gunk plastered up in there from when he last took a shit so of course I assumed my position and used my tongue as his toiler paper. He even has a bumpy rash that he’s starting to breakout with but my wet mouth is the perfect lotion to soothe and lubricate it so that Master feels better. His asshole is his sweet spot. It might smell bad but that’s not a problem at all, the more smelly that Master is for me, the more happy I am! Plus, that just means I have to do more work for him! Kissing and cleaning Master’s ass, that’s what I am going to be doing all night long per usual!


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  1. Craig

    Such a sexy submissive slut. That’s right do as your master says!

  2. Joel

    Yes, baby you belong licking ass and being my slave slut.

  3. Jason

    Your sexy and I am calling you back tonight

  4. Big Daddy

    You sexy slut I’ll hogtie and fuck you

  5. bowie

    can’t wait ruin you

  6. ivan

    The best slave whore i’ve ever talked to

  7. Master

    I need a whore like u

  8. louay

    Can I be your trainer babe?

  9. Master Terry

    You are the best slave

  10. Paul

    You need to be tied up and spanked.

  11. gabe

    choke on that ball gag bitch!

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