Punishment Time

Bondage whoreDaddy had a party tonight. I tried to be really good! I opened all my fuck whole for all of his friends. I let them beat me and use me. They pissed on me and made me lick the floor clean. Daddy actually looked pleased with me. But then I accidentally bumped into the table and knocked a glass of beer over. I didn’t mean to! But daddy is so mad! I know what is going to happen now. Daddy is just waiting for his friends to leave. He is going to punish me. I have been a bad slut and daddy is going to hurt me for it. I know I deserve it. I want it. My cunt is dripping just thinking about it. As soon as daddy’s friends leave he grabs me by the hair and pulls me down to the punishment room in the basement. That is where no one can hear me scream. So what are you going to do to me, daddy?

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