A Good Spanking Gone Wrong

submissive whore leahDeep down, I’ve always been a filthy, depraved Pain Slut but I just never knew it.
My first taste of pain came from a one night stand, a tall, dark, and handsome stranger with an enormous bulge under leather pants.
Back then, I was your average young, bratty cocktease; Always flashing my tight and hairless pussy under short skirts and never, EVER wearing a bra just so my puffy, sensitive nipples would peek over my tiny tops. Nothing gets my pussy soaking wet quicker than playing with men, letting them think they have a chance to taste me and then smashing their hope to pieces.
Mr. Mystery bought me round after round of drinks, sometimes bringing them to me himself and every time I would brush him off, snotty attitude turned on high and always taking the drink with me.
His persistence paid off, or maybe he put something in one of my many, MANY drinks, but I left the bar with Mr. Sexy Leather Pants and went to his place.
As soon as we got through the door he fisted my hair and dragged me into his bedroom, me kicking and screaming the whole way as I felt strands of hair being torn off of my scalp.
Right before we got to his bed he grabbed my shirt and ripped it off, using it to gag me. He threw me on the bed and started… CHEWING on my extremely sensitive nipples! Wrists held above my head, tears falling down my face, and my cunt wetter than it has EVER been before, juices oozing down my thighs.
He grabbed my cute leather belt and worked it off of me, He looked me dead in the eye before saying “You know you’ve had this coming for a long damn time, don’t you?”
He flipped me over and laid a quick amount of sharp smacks to my perky cheeks, one right after the other without stopping.
I’m moaning through my gag until the spanking turns into something close to a beating, then I’m a writhing, screaming mess trying to grind my clit against the mattress.
My poor ass was burning hot by the time he was done with it, but not with me.
My ruined leather belt tied my hands behind my back, gigantic throbbing cock being shoved into my tight twat, and the rest of the night is a blur of pain and bliss.
My purpose in life has since been made clear to me: My body is for your pleasure.

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