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My First Master

Bondage Whore

Being a sex trafficking “victim” has surely made for an interesting life. It seems like only yesterday I was bound and beaten in the basement of a well-paying man. It started when I got snatched off the street as a young girl and taken into a big warehouse.

They stripped us, cleaned and waxed our tiny, trembling bodies, and then bound us with manacles and shackles. We were marched up onto a stage to be sold like livestock. I later learned that’s all I was: a sexy toy made for the pleasures of men.

I was lucky to have been bought by a kind Master, one who fed me, brushed me, took care of my basic needs. In return, I was the best little cocksucking slut he’d ever met in his life. I did everything that Master asked and gave him every inch of my body willingly. Even if I hadn’t been compliant, he would have taken it. I was, and still am, just pretty pussy property after all.

Black Cock Is Superior

Submissive Slut

It’s all about hung, black cock. Black cock is superior. Getting my fuck holes stretched by some massive man meat is enough to make my cunt pour forth a river. I’m so fucking horny baby! I need to get my cunt stuffed, my mouth filled, and my as torn right in half. I’m a true pain slut, and I love a rough fuck. I need a real man to be able to handle me, and I can tell you right now the only throbbing cocks up to the job of fucking, stuffing, filling, beating, and eating a pain slut submissive bitch like me are BBC. BBC stands for Big Black Cock and i love those juicy ones.

In fact, I have a client who calls me phone chat numbers regularly, who loves to eat black cum! He pays a hung black bastard to come in and just absolutely fucking wreck me. Then, he wants that thick man mean to cum in me so I can squat over his face, and that little BBC cuck can pick up every drop. He loves to help my Black Master abuse me. It gets his cucky cock off. As long as it’s masochistic, I’m dripping the entire time.

Master Demands Office Masturbation


Sometimes, I really can’t help it. I have to close the blinds and lock my office door during the day so I can play in my soaking wet pussy. There’s not really a reason to be locking the door. The entire office knows what I do; they can hear my loud ass vibrator, and me screaming when I’m squirting all over my desk chair. I should be embarrassed, but I can’t be. Master ordered that I behave this way every day until each and every man in the office forces their cock into one of my tight little fuck holes.
I’m waiting for the day I’m brave enough to leave the door unlocked so that instead of my buzzy little friend sliding into my wet submissive pussy, it will be the cock of a hot fucking Dom. He’ll come in here, choke the fuck out of me and bare bottom spank my ass. Really beat me! Then he’ll force his cock right in my open fucking mouth, and completely use my mouth as a pocket pussy for his thick fucking cock.
After blowing a steaming hot cum load in my mouth and down my throat, I knew he wasn’t done with me. He’ll drag me up by my hair up so he can bend me the fuck over and slam that cock into my cunt. Well, his cunt. He owns it now. I’m his to use at the office. Master is going to be so thrilled.

Bondage Phone Sex

Masochistic Slave Fantasies


I always adored the vintage ideologies; being a domesticated house whore is something so appealing to me the very thought of living that life makes my masochistic cunt soaked. I want to fully serve a Master, my Master. I want to care for his carnal needs, and his house work. When he finishes his work for the day, I want to greet him with a hot meal, and a whore worthy blow job.
He’ll be cumming in my mouth before he even wants to come into the house, If his day has been particularly stressful, I’ll let him face fuck me until I choke and gag all over him. He can take out his frustrations on me. I love alligator clamps and the St. Andrews Cross alike; punish me, Master. Make me pay for the sins of all those fools around you.
I’ll sleep at the edge of the bed, like the bitch that I am. I’ll wake you up every morning by riding you cock, making you cum a steamy cream pie into my hot, tight little pussy. Do you want to know how I came up with this delicious fantasy? I was flipping through an old Sears magazine. Nothing is more vintage than department stores, and it just got my cunt dripping.

Bondage Phone Sex

Home Invasion Prisoner

Submissive whore

It was dark, and I didn’t know exactly where I was. I had been having a cheap phone sex session when all of a sudden a man came through my front door! It’s been so long since I’ve had a home invasion, let alone one that wasn’t stage for my pain slut pleasure. He grabbed me, and forced me out into his van. Blindfolding me, he slipped a needle into my vein and everything after that was blurry.

When I woke up just now, I found that I’m suspended from the ceiling. My body is sore, and I can feel the lacerations all down my back from where the whip has kissed me most sadistically. I must have been enjoying it though, because there’s a sloppy wet mess between my fucking legs. Now I remember. It was a group of them, and they gangbanged me to high hell.

My ass is so sore from being overstretched again and again, and my throat is so raw from getting cocks slammed down it that I can barely speak, or cry for help. I hear footsteps in the hallway now, and I’ll be honest my pussy is dripping in anticipation of exactly what they’re going to do to me next.

Submissive Slut

Submissive Whore Behind Closed Doors

Submissive Whore

Everyone that I know thinks I’m a strong woman, but in truth I’m a little, worthless submissive whore. Sometimes I take calls after hours at the office for some cash on the side. Well, I swear one of the custodians of my building has been spying on me after the office closes, listening to me have that sweet submissively whorish phone sex. When I tried to leave the other day, I decided to take the stairs after my little “accident” in the elevator. He was there waiting for me, with his cock out. He was stroking that long, thick, hard BBC; I saw the pre cum dripping from his fat tip. When his hands left his pocket monster, they wrapped around my throat as he slammed me into the wall. He admitted to spying on me when I give submissive phone sex as he slapped me a couple of times, in the face and across my gigantic tits.

Then he bent me over the railing and gave me a bare ass spanking! Oh my God he was driving me crazy! My pussy was dripping fucking wet and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him! That BBC destroyed my cunt in the stairwell that day. I’ve never been so stretched out, or so wet. I squirted all over the stairs, and he made me clean it up with my mouth. Then he made me clean off his cock and big black balls, and he left me there; naked, in a puddle of my own cum and tears like the worthless bitch I am.
Submissive Phone Sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex with Rosalie

cum slut phone sexI have always loved cum slut. It has always been like crack to me. The first time I had it, I needed more of it. I had a client, who loved it when I called him Daddy.  He loved our playtime a little rough when we play together and that’s perfectly fine with me!  In fact, sometimes the more extreme our role plays are, the harder we both cum! Let me tell you about the most recent cum eating experience. We had this extreme fantasy that had us both breathing heavy by the end. He made me his sexual masochist. By the time we were done, I had rope burns on my wrists and bite marks and bruises. When we got done, he grabbed my face and just sort of growled to me “swallow all my cum you filthy cum slut”. I mouth “yes daddy” and swallow it one big gulp. He just knows how to make me his submissive cum slut. 



Spanking The Little Bondage Whore

bondage whore

My little cunt was soaking wet! Leg’s shaking while I fought to stay still on masters lap knowing I was taking my punishment. If I dare move again it was more bare bottom spankings with a harder toy than masters new wooden paddle. My bare ass was red sporting different shapes from handprints to his paddle. My skin stung but my sluttly sloppy cunt showed I loved every fucking minute of this punishment for not listening to masters word. A hard hit right between my legs with master’s hands made me almost jump out of my skin as he smacks my swollen pussy lips dripping with desire. He starts to grope and rub and lightly tap before bringing his strong hand down again and again until my cunt is even more swollen and dripping down my tender thighs. He pushes to fingers in my little needy hole and i let out a moan and he stops and slaps my face ushering me to be quiet. He goes back and assaults my cunt with more smacks and then finger fucks me hard as i bite my lip not letting out a sound. I get closer and closer to cumming and he pulls out and starts it all over again! This is going to be a long-ass night!

A Submissive Whore gets her Punishment

Submissive WhoreMe and Master had a dinner party to attend tonight and while I was getting dressed and Master was in the shower, I couldn’t stop myself. I laid on the bed, spread my legs, closed my eyes and started rubbing my juicy bald pussy. Apparently, I was so into it that I didn’t hear the water turn off or hear Master come into the bedroom. He watched until I was just about to climax and then smacked my face with his open hand. He told me that my pussy was not to be touched without permission and proceeded to put me over his knee and spank my bare ass until it was hot and red, and tears were running down my eyes. He wasn’t through yet though, he then had me lay at the foot of the bed legs spread and beat my pussy with his belt. I could feel the welts forming and the pain was unbearable by the time he was done. He told me not to speak but to clean myself up and get dressed. We arrived at the party and I could barely sit from the pain. He then announced to the guests that I had played with his property without permission so he would be punishing me. He tied me to the chair and gagged me. He made me sit all through dinner like that. The guest was shocked at first but them continued with their dinner. After dinner they had some drinks and he told them that I was to be their dessert, to do with whatever they pleased. I hung my head like the submissive whore that I am.

Funnel fun

My master has a new game. It involves me being his nasty dumpster. After a session of bare bottom spankings my master gets me all set up for some rough torture.

I have to endure some rather harsh pain. The more I complain the harder my punishment. I feel the steel blade against my back. If I don’t want it to pierce me I have to

stay quiet and obedient. I know that I am here for pure pleasure not for me but my master. I am his entertainment and he will do with me as he wishes always.

I have no say so, When he brings out a camera and starts taking pictures I know he has something either sinister or painful or embarrassing or all the above. I must

take all the pain and humiliation. He gets out his funnel and begins to pop it in my asshole he invites his buddies and they all smack me around and dispense their

loads on me. I feel like trash and I know how excited and fulfilled my master is with the look on my face. It brings him so much joy and power to use and abuse me.



bare bottom spankings

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