At Your Service For Submissive Sex

Submissive sex slave is my place. I hooked up with a blind date, well not so much a date as a new Master decided to make me hook for him. I was a sex slave at the service of this guy that wanted a dirty little whore to do everything. I was paid to be that whore and I had to undress provocatively for him and then undress him. I knelt down between his legs like a dirty little whore and sucked his dick. I worshiped that cock with my mouth like my life depended on it. Well my livelihood did because my new Master would certainly do a number to me if I didn’t please my date like a dirty little slut should. I sucked his cock like a sloppy deep throating whore until he shot. I felt his cum slide down my throat as he grabbed me by the throat and told me I was a good whore and shoved me to the bed and took my pussy roughly fucking and choking me for what seemed like an eternity.

Submissive Sex

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