Bad Maids Get Spanked!


Bare Bottom Spankings

To make ends meet during the holidays, I’ve been taking on a few cleaning gigs. It’s a lot of fun because I get to dress up in skimpy maids’ outfits and generally get away with light cleaning around big beautiful homes. There’s one gentleman, however, whose very particular about the way his home is cleaned. Everything has to be immaculately spotless! Well, I absentmindedly left a streak on one of the glass doors leading out to the deck from the kitchen and when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing his bathroom with a toothbrush—just the way he likes it—he proceeded to pull down my panties and give me a bare bottom spanking! He didn’t hold anything back as he spanked my bare ass with his hand, and the more I protested, the harder he spanked me. At first he used his hand, and then he used a hard wooden hairbrush and a paddle. I felt a gust of wind on my bare backside as his arm came down hard and fast on my ass. By the time he was done, my skin was red and each cheek was covered in welts. After he spanked me, he saw to it that I go into the kitchen and immediately clean the streak off the window and he supervised me while I did it. No sooner had my rag touched the glass, he was on me again, firmly gripping my sore ass in his hands, spreading my cheeks apart. He pressed me into the cool glass and whispered, “This is how bad maids get punished,” and zipped down his pants and shoved his cock in my ass. He pulled down the top of my uniform and exposed me tits, pressing cheek and nipples against he cold glass as he drilled into my asshole. He used one hand to grab my pussy and finger it rapidly as pounded away. I was sore, but it felt so good and the louder I moaned the harder he went at me. He grabbed me by the hips, lifted me off the ground and made me sit in his lap, his big white dick splitting my ass down the middle. He made me bounced on his dick while he continued to spank me, thrusting harder into me the harder he spanked. He gave me one good final whack as he busted his nut inside me, cumming deep in my rectum. I’ll never forget the consequences of my actions going forward!

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