Master’s Thanksgiving Kindness…

Bondage Whore I thought I’d spend thanksgiving with my girls, cooking all day and then watching tv after but I had no idea that Master had his own plans for us! We were all in the kitchen cooking when I heard the front door slam, I hurried to the living room to see what that noise was when I saw 10 strange homeless men walking in followed by Master. I was in awe of their stench and a little scared to have them in my freshly clean home. Master came forward and commanded me and my girls to see to his guest, he told us to drain their balls while he watched us. I was afraid to disappoint master so I hopped right to action, dropping to my knees and taking off my clothes. My two well trained daughters followed my lead and we started sucking cock, no matter how filthy or foul their hygiene was. My cunt throbbed knowing I was making Master proud, surely this was his kindness to me and my girls this thanksgiving.

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