Bad Romance

sexy bondage

Who knew I’d be stuck in such a submissive relationship. I am so in love with being used and fucked sexually. My master is all I want. The only way to please him is with him being able to fuck me as he pleases. I was put on earth to serve him and make him fall in love with me thru sexy bondage. I’m always wearing the hottest lingerie pieces and smell delightful, and I’m ready to be devoured. Our toxic relationship is full of ups and downs, but the sex is far better than I could even imagine. I stick with him because he knows my body in ways I don’t know what to do to make me orgasm and submit to all his selfish needs. He loves to please me, but he comes first, and that is okay with me. Some may say it’s a bad romance, but I’m addicted to him. I love the pain and pleasure he provides me.

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