I Remained His Perfect Slave

submissive whoreSmack my ass and make me your slave. That thought rings in my head as I watch him hand me a hot little maid’s outfit. He had rented me from my master for the night. I obediently changed into the slutty outfit and followed him to the family room. Kneel he told me. I did as I was told. He walked around me, observing his purchase. The bulge in his pants led me to believe that he liked what he had bought. Now climb up on this table slut, on all fours. I climbed on the table as he instructed. He pulled my skit apart and grabbed a whip. My tits already hanging he started smacking them hard. Going from my nipples to my ass and to my exposed pussy. Hard and fast and firm. I thanked him after every strike. My ass on fire and my pussy throbbing he unbuckled his pants, pushed me on my back, my legs bent with my arms around my knees. Holding them apart so he could view both my holes. Then he smacked me a few times so the marks were fresh. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I yelped in pain. For the next what seems like forever, he took turns ramming his throbbing hard cock inside my ass and pussy until he pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over my tender nipples. Although in pain and tears ran from my face, I remained his perfect slave.

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