Bare bottom spankings and more for ruining dinner

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings given freely for a Milf pet! This sexy whore is still a very slutty hot bitch and enjoys taking cock every day. Things that make my pussy wet are hardcore, never vanilla! Abuse of any kind is my favorite. Now That I have been exposed to real hardcore men I know that my ass is a canvas of pain. Oh, the sting and welts have me soaking my leather panties! 

Nothing is better to wake up to than a good spanking because my master wants me to perform for him.   I see the clamps and the thin nylon rope in his hands, and I beg. Have I not cleaned well enough? Were the clothes not ironed well enough? All I know is without words I am brought into the center of the room and made to straddle a high-back chair. My bush is the first to be attacked with heavy and tight clamps.

My clit is pinched hard as he positions me again. The rope is laced through, as he hooks my thighs and nipple rings up as well.

Bare bottom spankings given freely for a Milf pet!

Oh, I forgot to mention he had me sit on a huge phallus before rope torture. My little outfit and hose are ripped in the process. That’s when I smelled the smoke. My dinner! I must have fell asleep due to Slave training exhaustion!  Then the wack and pain of a cane begins to whip my thighs. Every movement has me pulling at my clit, thighs, and nipples! “Ride bitch!” 

Now I am putting myself in extreme pain for my Master as I fuck myself. How I get lost in pain and sub-space as the cane hits me again and again! Now I must make dinner when he is done with me. Or maybe he will beat me and out me in my cage without food and order pizza for the family! 

My BDSM phone sex is all about me obeying and getting pain for fucking up!

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