Bare bottom spankings are what Master gives when I misbehave

Bare bottom spankings Master Timothy has been the best master anyone of us dirty little submissive whores could ever ask for.

There is never a need for Bare bottom spankings since we are always on our best behavior! Sir, was happy to hear that mothers belly is growing and a sweet little crotch goblin will soon be joining our family. He stopped by just to ensure we were on our best behavior, he wanted to make sure his fuck sluts had our but plugs in place and we were right where he left us. Whenever we have to use the bathroom he has us send videos of our gappers stretching as we squeeze our shit holes to release the steel plugs. Mother’s tits are already starting to fill with breast milk and Dad has agreed to have Mom become a Bondage whore of Master Tim as well.

Dad loves the idea of all of us being kept in the guest house and prancing around daily and cute bralette and panty sets from Soma. Mother’s hormones have been raging and Dad refuses to please her… Instead, he has been denying her sex and forcing Mom to watch him fuck other women. Just the other day Mom spread her pussy lips apart and you could see the clear stretchy mucus drooling from her cunt. Her pussy lips were quivering, mom desperately wants to get fucks. Master Tim agrees with Daddy though, Mother doesn’t deserve any cock and her mature cunt is best to be kept closed. The girls and I watch over Mom while Dad is out which is why Tim decided she might as well become one of our newest recruits.

I can’t wait to show Master Tim the cute jammies we picked up from Soma after Slave training.

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