Bare Bottom Spankings Because I Cheated on My Master

bare bottom spankingsAlthough I love bare bottom spankings, it depends on the spanker. My master spanks me seductively and sensually. That is a nice way of saying he doesn’t spank me too hard. But he once could spank me so hard I needed to sit on an ice pack for a week. We both miss those days. However, Master had a brilliant idea. Well, he thought he had a great idea. I did not.

Master bought a spanking machine. Just like a sex machine but without the dildo. A wooden paddle is attached to the machine with a few speeds instead. He considered it a good investment since he cannot spank his submissive whore like he once could. Ouch. I knew he meant business. Master has not  been able to spank me hard for years. That means my ass would need more ice packs on hand.

I met Master at the BDSM club he owns. But it was just us there last night. Although he knows I do phone sex, he found out I have been on Fet Life without his permission. Since he owns me, if I meet with any other man, he needs to approve it first. It is not that he minds me hooking up with other men, he just wants to make sure I only meet dominant men who will treat me like the bitch I am.

Submissive Whores Need Punished When They Violate the Rules

Even though I swore to him that I would never meet with any man who did not appear to be dominant, he still insisted I needed punished. He put me over his lap and turned the machine on warp speed. Ouch. No easing me into it. He went in guns a blazing on my ass. I cried. And I have not cried from a spanking since I was a schoolgirl. Master’s old dick got hard seeing my bright red and raw ass too.

Today, I am still sitting on an ice pack. This submissive sex whore may never go on Tinder or Fet Life again. I did not know my ass could hurt this much.

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