I am A Good Slave

I am a complete submissive. I feel my only purpose in life is to serve my master in any way that he chooses. I like to kneel before my master and suck his beautiful cock. I realize that for my master to train me he has to punish me. I willingly submit to my punishment no matter how painful. I have been punished by pussy weights, nipple clamps, and severe spankings. I just got a very hard spanking!  First on my bare bottom then on my pussy.


submissive whore




My master requires I keep my pussy bare so it is a more sensitive area to receive my punishment. After I am thoroughly spanked I must bend over and receive my master’s cock in my ass. He fucks me hard and fast. I feel it is my privilege to take his cock in my ass as deep as it will go. After my ass gets fucked I have to clean up my master’s cock and thank him for punishing me by giving him a slow and complete blow job.

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