Bare bottom spankings from my master make me tremble

Bare bottom spankings from my master makes my cunt tickle so much. First my master teases me by spanking my pussy. His hands as it smacks my cunt feels so good, even if it swells it up. “That’s it you worthless whore, you love the punishment” he laughs at me while saying such true words. “I am your worthless bitch master,” I respond. Then my master moves to my ass with his favorite paddle. After my master hits my ass, I must beg for more.

Bare bottom spankings

“Please master, give me more” I beg as he continues to beat my bare ass. “More master i want you to give me all you have, make me worthy”. Hearing that makes you very happy and your cock very hard. “Suck my cock you subby whore” you say as you force your dick down my throat. Even when I choke you just continue to spank me hard. The more I choke the harder you spank me.

I could even feel my ass starting to welt up. If you draw blood, I know that will make you bust in my mouth. That is why you spank me harder with every pump down my throat. Finally I feel the blood starting to drip from my ass cheeks and I knew soon you would be filling my throat up with semen. “Eat it all you Submissive Whore” hearing him say that encouraged me to eat every single drop.

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