Bare bottom spankings please!

Just beat me and give me Bare bottom spankings. You are my master and I know I am just your worthless whore, please just touch me even if it means that it hurts. You keep me naked in my cage, I just watch you come and go. I have had to watch you fuck sexy woman right from my cage. Finally, I decided to just disobey you. When you were around I started playing with my cunt. You notice and piss all over me telling me to stop. You spit on me, called me names and I didn’t stop. My master ended up pulling me out of my cage and right away slapped me. I knew that he was upset since I am not allowed to pleasure myself. He bent me over and started beating my ass and pussy with his paddle. With every hit my master would spread my pussy open and check my cunt hole. That is all I wanted, to feel your hands and fingers on my worthless body.

Bare bottomspankings

You didn’t stop until i was shaking, my ass was red and swollen. I was just happy to get that, I know I am just your Submissive Whore pet.

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