Prostate milking for my Master after I give him a rim job

Prostate milkingDaddy loves a good Prostate milking.. he uses me as the fluffer then once I have that BBC fully stiffened daddy gets down on all fours and I guide his big black dick into Master’s man pussy. He’s got a wife but I am his mistress who tends to all of his sexual needs that his wife does not. As his Sex slave I spread his cheeks apart after he is filled to the brim and slurp all of the nut out of him. He loves being a filthy creampie slut and smothering me with his asshole.. having me there to dominate and degraded after being treated like a sissy faggot is his personal way of reminding me of my status regardless of his fetishes. If I do good enough at fluffing and cleaning him of all the slime that oozes out of his man pussy when he’s through being used.. Master will allow his Sexy bondage slut to get bent over pounded..

If I am lucky enough Master will get turned on and stretch me out by having his dick rubbing against a BBC inside of my sloppy wet pussy! he loves to hear me in agony. he also enjoys me calling out his name and nearly giving no regard to the other man sweating just to get off inside of me. Daddy knows regardless Of who I fuck or who has fucked me this pussy belongs to him. What daddy says goes! I can’t wait for the next time daddy is feeling tangy so he can hire another black guy to join us. Oh yeah btw, I am his wife’s personal assistant and she has no idea that I know her husband before I ever knew her. Now I get to fuck him in their master bedroom and occasionally I get to fuck him even while shes home without her knowledge. I am his personal Bondage whore for as long as he wants me to be. 

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